Digital Fabric

Digitize Your Fabrics and Materials!
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What is Fabric Digitization?

Fabric Virtualization is the combination of data outputs of the measuring the physical properties and scanning the surface texture of the fabric.

Fabric Digitization Processes

Pyhsical Properties & Draping Measurement

CLO Fabric Kit gives the data of physical properties of fabric’s drape, bend and stretch as a result of the measurement of weight, thickness, stiffness, bending and tensile values.

Texture – Surface Scanning

Fabric surface appearance is best visualized when a texture and normal map are paired together.

Normal depth maps captured with Vizoo Xtex and continuous Vizoo Software repeating report process creates a seamless surface appearance.

The Combination of Physcal Properties & Surface Apperance Rusult in Realistic Digital Fabrics.

Digital fabrics has many usage fields, such as present as digital swatch, showcase, share your digital fabrics at online fabric stores and services such as Swatchbook & Clo-set.

They can be used in 3D appreal design or viewed & shared at alternative digital platforms such as mobile, PC & Cloud with your potential clients.

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